Pro bono refers to the legal assistance and advice, provided voluntarily and free-of-charge, in favour of non-profit organisations and disadvantaged people.

It is a direct expression of the social function of the legal profession (enshrined in Art. 8 of Law no. 247 of 31 December 2012, known as the “Legge professionale forense”) and a key tool for the protection of human rights and the improvement of the legal system.

Our lawyers feel a professional, social and ethical responsibility to devote part of their time and expertise to improving the public good, protecting human rights, enhancing the legal system and favouring the access to justice by people in need.

For this reason, we have been involved, for several years, in the organisation of the Italian Pro Bono Roundtables, periodic meetings of lawyers, inhouse counsels, non-profit associations and academics, and we facilitated the setting-up, in May 2017, of Pro Bono Italia, the first non-profit association of lawyers, trainee lawyers, law firms, and forensic associations for the promotion of a pro bono culture in our country. The association provides, through its associates and network members, for legal advice and representation in Court, voluntarily and free-of-charge, to non-profit organisations and disadvantaged individuals who seek access to justice. The association also fosters a dialogue with the national and international legal community, which is engaged in social impact activities, and regularly organises seminars and events on legal, social and cultural topics of general interest, with the aim of raising awareness on the topic, keeping practitioners up to date, and spreading the knowledge of Italian law among non-experts.

As Chairman of the Board of Pro Bono Italia, Giovanni Carotenuto represents the association at national and international events on pro bono, human rights and civil liberties’ topics, and inspires initiatives and projects aimed at gaining a meaningful impact both at national and global levels.

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